Executive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

Full Recruitment – Sourcing & Screening – Sourcing Only

With our 3 recruitment options, our team is prepared to help your organization fill any level of job opportunity. From lower management to upper management, supervisors to directors, we are experts in locating and attracting quality candidates.


Our processes have proven themselves over and over, and we have conducted hundreds of successful recruitments. We assure that your chosen candidate will not only be qualified, but they will also be a perfect “fit” within your organization.

We understand that every organization is unique, so we’re flexible!

Our 3 Recruitment Options

Full Recruitment

Sourcing & Screening

Sourcing Only

Each recruitment starts with a project overview, then we tailor each process to meet your organizations’ individual needs. We can work with you on:  budget, ideal recruitment timeframe, and your desired level of assistance from our Prothman Team.

All of our recruitment options include:  a position profile, a position announcement on our website and social media platforms, and a tailored outreach strategy.

Executive Recruitment “Step By Step” Summary
Project Review

Our Team will work with you on details such as project schedule, geographic scope of the search (national or regional), compensation package, identifying key stakeholders, and overall design of the search process.


Full Recruitment - Sourcing & Screening - Sourcing

Gather Information & Research

Our goal is to thoroughly understand the preferred candidate qualifications, as well as the values and culture of your organization. We collect any materials and data relevant to the position, the area, and the organization.


Full Recruitment - Sourcing & Screening - Sourcing

Position Profile Development

Our Position Profile serves as the foundation to determine a candidate’s “fit” within your community and organization. The Position Profile outlines the job position, ideal candidate qualifications, highlights of your organization, the community, and surrounding area, and any challenges or opportunities.


Full Recruitment - Sourcing & Screening - Sourcing

Recruitment & Advertising Strategy

We design an effective advertising strategy to identify and reach the candidates who are best suited for the position. Sometimes the best candidates are not actively looking for a new position; these are the candidates we are successful in finding.  To “cast the widest net possible” we utilize a variety of methods such as a targeted direct mail campaign, modern social media, and more.


Full Recruitment - Sourcing & Screening - Sourcing

Candidate Screening & Narrowing

We conduct a preliminary screening of the applicants to narrow the pool and find the most outstanding candidates for the position. Our search consultants work as an advisor and facilitator throughout the screening process and provide the decision makes with detailed notes to help them come to a consensus. *Full Recruitment candidates that selected to move forward will be asked to complete references and approve detailed background checks to be performed.


Full Recruitment - Sourcing & Screening

Final Interview Planning

We work with you to design a final interview process that meets your organizations needs and stays within budget. The final interview process allows you, staff, and key stakeholders to get to know the candidates better, and vice versa. The final interviews are a great way to observe the candidates through a variety of different settings to assess how each candidate might fit into your organization.


Full Recruitment

Facilitate Discussion & Evaluation Process

After the final interviews are completed, your consultant will facilitate a debrief with panel participants; this allows the decision makers to hear the panel’ perceived strengths and concerns of each candidate. We will then facilitate the discussion and evaluation process with the decision makers, helping those involved come to consensus. We can also organize any additional candidate referencing, interviews, or research, if necessary.


Full Recruitment

Successful Hire

Once the top candidate has been selected, we can offer any assistance you may require in developing an offer letter and negotiating terms of the employment agreement. *For Full Recruitments:  should a top candidate not be selected, we will repeat the recruitment at no additional fee.


Full Recruitment

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