Leadership is the key to the sustainability of any organization.
Finding great leaders is what we do!
Leadership is the key to the sustainability of any organization.
Finding great leaders is what we do!

Welcome to Prothman

We specialize in providing executive recruitment services to cities, counties, special districts, nonprofits, and other public sector agencies throughout the United States.

Utility Districts
Transit Agencies
Public Ports
Health Districts
Fire Districts
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At Prothman, we love helping local government thrive

and we are prepared to help with our services and flexible recruitment options.

Our Experience:
We have been in the industry since 2002.

Each of our consultants’ 30+ years in local government combined with our 21 years of experience in public sector recruiting allows us to provide our clients with quality services and effective, tailored recruitment processes facilitated by a knowledgeable and highly skilled team that is experienced working alongside all types of organizations.

850 +
Completed Recruitments
200 +
Unique Job Titles Filled
19 K
Applications Collected
2.3 M
Website Visits
Completed Jobs in 2022
300 +
Different Clients Represented
Our Expertise:
Our ability to connect to potential candidates in unmatched.
Recruitment Options

Flexible to fit your needs: Full Recruitment, Sourcing & Screening, or Sourcing Only

The JobBoard

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Interim Staffing

Apply online to our interim pool or send us an inquiry for available placements

Online Application Service (OAS)

All online, easy to use application collection portal, located on the Prothman jobBoard

We are experts in candidate research and outreach.  Our thorough approach to each recruitment ensures that we are casting the widest net possible to find the candidate that will fit your organizations’ culture and needs.  Partnering with our clients, we work within with your recruitment budget and timeline to help find quality employees for any level of position.