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We know how to attract top talent, nationally and regionally. We are experts in locating, attracting, screening and interviewing. We have read and screened thousands of resumes and applications, and interviewed over 5,000 semi-finalist candidates. We have extensive contacts and databases. Even in the tightest employment markets, we can locate and attract top talent for you.

Searches That Succeed. On Time. On Budget. Guaranteed!

We have conducted hundreds of successful national and regional executive searches. The tenure of our placements is among the best in the industry, and we guarantee all full-search placements. Our clients and candidates continually tell us that we have the best process and client service in the industry.

We recognize that every client is unique so we start every recruitment with a project review, and then we tailor every search process to meet each client's individual needs. Our search consultant forms a partnership with you, working as an advisor and facilitator throughout the process. Our process has proven itself over and over, so you can be assured that your chosen candidate will not only be highly qualified, he or she will also be a perfect "fit" for your organization. Guaranteed!

Our Process Includes:

  • Project Review (Tailoring the Process)
    We work with you on details such as project schedule, geographic scope of the search (national or regional), compensation package, identifying key stakeholders, and overall design of the search process.

  • Information Gathering and Research (Soliciting Input)
    Our goal is to thoroughly understand the preferred candidate qualifications, as well as the values and culture of your organization.

  • Position Profile Development (Identifying the Ideal Candidate)
    The Position Profile describes the position you are hiring for and your ideal candidate's qualifications. It also highlights your organization, the community and surrounding area, and serves as the foundation to determine a candidate's "fit" within your organization and community.

  • Recruitment & Advertising Strategy
    (Locating Qualified Candidates) We will design an effective advertising strategy to identify and reach the candidates who are best suited for the position. We recognize that often the best candidates are not actively looking for a new position so we reach out with a targeted direct mail and phone call campaign.

  • Candidate Screening (Narrowing the Field)
    Once the application deadline has passed, we will screen the applicants in order to find the most outstanding candidates. Throughout the screening process, our search consultant works as an advisor and facilitator, bringing you detailed information on the candidates and then leading the discussion, helping the decision makers come to consensus. Structured references and detailed background checks will be performed on all finalists.

  • Final Interviews (Selecting the Right Candidate)
    The design of the final interviews is an integral component towards making sure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to learn as much as possible about each candidate. We will work with you to design a final interview process that works within your budget and allows you several opportunities to observe the candidates in various settings so that you can learn as much as possible about each candidate and best assess how each candidate will fit into your organization.

  • Facilitate Discussion and Evaluation Process
    After the interviews, we will first facilitate a debrief with all of the interview panel participants, providing the decision makers with the panel members' perceived strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. We will then facilitate the discussion and evaluation process with the decision makers, helping those involved come to consensus. We will also organize any additional candidate referencing or research, if needed.

  • Facilitate Employment Agreement
    Once the top candidate has been selected, we will offer any assistance the client requires in developing a letter of offer and negotiating terms of the employment agreement. *Should a top candidate not be selected, we will repeat the recruitment at no additional fee.

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